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The Super-Student
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Reach for the Stars -- Become a Star Student
Reach for the Stars --
Become a Star Student
  1. Get your student a study planner - check it regularly to ensure s/he is capturing assignments
  2. Have a system to get finished assignments back to class on time
  3. If your student needs a study partner, become one --e.g., use available  time such as riding to/ from school to quiz each other on a current lesson
  4. Allow study breaks (5 to 10 minutes) as mini- rewards for mini goals achieved; Help your student get back to the books at the end of that time.
Your child has a better chance of succeeding in college if s/he masters school survival skills [early].
 Linda Strean, GreatSchools 
Managing Editor, www.greatschools.net

Middle grades are ... the pivot point around which the system turns. Students ... are more likely to drop out if they don’t have the skills they need to succeed.
-- Don Dailey, director of research and evaluation at Springboard  Schools, a
California non-profit education association 

Were You a “Great” Student in School
(or … are you one now)?

I wasn’t. At least, I wasn’t the best student I could be.

Then, about 30 years ago, I was asked to teach a course in “Study Skills” at one of the nation’s largest universities. Sometimes, the professor learns as much as the students. I did, that year. That year, I learned that there was a “better” way to study—and that it was easier than my old, “hard” way.

Since then — for nearly 30  years — I’ve been researching, and refining, my learning system — learning how to study better … so I could teach you to learn better

Over those years, I’ve developed a series of learning techniques
that you (or the student in your household)
can use to become a better student.

I guarantee it.

That, in a nutshell, is what the rest of this web site says. If that’s all you need to make a decision, if you’re a true person of action, click here to order now.

Everyone else (i.e., those of you who may still need to be convinced), please read on.

Let’s start with this free bonus – to the left of this section, the one that you’re reading now, is a summary of some of my best study tips, for both parents and students.

(If you believe in “quick fixes”,
print them out and close your browser.
They may be all you need.
... if you realize that that success, in school or in life, will take at least a little – not more than you can do, but a little – effort on your part, to undo years of poor study habits, please read on.)

Parent Comments on My Approach:

We’ve seen a real difference in (my student) this year. [Using your method], he has more confidence, he’s better organized, and his grades show the difference
- Father of coached student, Greenwich, CT


Teachers Say:

You've been a terrific help to [my student] this year.
- Mrs. A.C.,  Teacher of a coached student,
Greenwich, CT


[This student] is doing so much better thanks to you - we see a real attitude change: now, he is willing to try, and [able to] work through his assignments. Thanks for all your help.

- Ms. C.G., Teacher of a coached student,
Greenwich, CT

What Students Say:

BTW, these study skills are fantastic! I really appreciate you sharing them with me! 

 J.W. (a Mom who recently returned to college)

I’ve gone up two letter grades in every subject!

– S.R., Student

I resisted doing this at first. But, now that I’ve started using [these techniques], I’ve raised my grades in all my subjects. And I know I’m going to do better.

– A.S., Student

[“Foolishness is doing the same thing you did yesterday
and expecting better results.” – Unknown
So, if you’re not getting the grades you want, click here to order now … or read on.]

How Can You Get Better Grades
whether you're in Middle School … High School … or College?

Hint: “Good” Students Study “Hard” ...

… but My Students Study “Smart”

Good students "study hard" ...
But you can "study smart" ... because you can learn how to:

Learn how to go from "memorizing" material to "mastering" it ... Apply the skills you learn in this eBook to earn better grades—whether you’re in middle school, high school, or college.

Gena knows...
You Can Study “Smart” … and Get Better Grades with the

Study Skills - Learning Skills

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Study "Smart" instead of "Hard" ... Get Better Grades

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Work “Smarter” instead of Harder with this Amazing New Study System

Here is a real system that you can download tonight and start applying tomorrow . . . a system that will show you how to 

A Tale of Two Students

(or “you” on two different nights….)

You Can Get Better Grades with this eBook

The system of learning that my new eBook will put in your hands is a tool -- and, like any tool, it's most use-ful when you actually use it. Let me draw an analogy:

Suppose that you're up in your room (at home or in your dorm) and you want to hang a new picture on the wall. (Let's assume that you have the necessary permissions to do so.) So ... You have the picture, it's nicely framed, and you have a perfectly good picture hook to hang it up with. Only trouble is that you don't have a hammer.

That is, you have one, but it's all the way down in the basement ... two flights down ... of steep stairs. Now, you know that you really need to go and get the hammer, but ... well, it such a long way down ... and a tough climb back ...

So there has to be something in your room that you can use to whack that little nail into the wall. So you look around. There's a book ... no, that won't do ... not hard enough. The paperweight ... but it's shaped wrong, and its glass (would probably break). Your shoe .... yes, you'll try your shoe

So you pick up a shoe from the floor (must be your roommate's shoe -- you'd never leave your shoe on the floor), grab it by the toe, and start hammering that little nail in the middle of the picture hook with the heel of your shoe.

And it actually goes into the wall a little bit ... and you unconsciously smile and say "yes!" And so you keep hammering ... and hammering ... but the nail doesn't go in any further. So you slam the shoe harder onto the nail ... miss the nail and hit the wall (you can probably wash those scuff marks off later) ... maybe whack your finger .... and get totally frustrated.

Finally, you walk (grudgingly) down the stairs to the basement, get the stupid hammer, and knock the nail into the wall with two good smacks.

My study system... in this new eBook ...  is a bit like that hammer. And I can promise you that, on most days, when you open your textbook, you'll tell yourself something like, "I don't have time to do the PQRWR2 thing tonight ... and besides, it's too much trouble. I'll just read the chapter this time and use the PQRWR2 study system next time." And so you'll just start to read the assignment.

Except that, after reading it, you may have some homework questions to answer. Whether or not you have a specific written assignment in the chapter, you will, sooner or later, have to learn the material. In either case, you'll find yourself going back into the text to find answers ... to memorize material ... to try and learn it.

On the other hand, if you had "gone down to the basement for the hammer" -- if you had applied this PQRWR2 system from the beginning -- then, in about the same time you spent reading and underlining anyway, you would have (a) pre-viewed the chapter, (b) created mental memory hooks, (c) created an effective study tool that you can use for the rest of the semester or school year, and probably even begun to (d) "practice taking the test." 

Not to mention that, when it comes time to actually take the test (or mid-term or final) on this material, you'll spend less time (i.e., you'll have a far easier time) "mastering" the material than your classmates (who don't know the system) will as they try (tortuously) to merely "learn" it.

In short, if you'll regularly invest the time it takes to use the learning tools in my study system, they will give you back more time than you invest in them—with the bonus "dividends" of more free time, more peace of mind, and better mastery of the material.

These study skills / learning skills are the right tool to help you move from “memorizing” to “mastering.” (Why struggle to “learn” material . . . when you can easily move to “mastering” it—probably in less time than you now spend trying to “memorize” things.)

So, which makes mores sense—to spend long, tedious hours plowing aimlessly through your assignments, hoping that enough of it will stick in memory long enough to get you a “C” . . . or spending the same time (maybe even less time) “decoding” the material so that you understand what your textbooks are trying to say to you (and what your teachers want you to say back to them on exams) in order to “master” the material?

By the way, the system in my new eBook also helps you remember things longer. So you’ll actually do less cramming the night before a test ... less panicking the week before your “final” … and have more “Oh, yea, I remember that!” moments when a teacher refers to something that you "learned" before (but most of your classmates have forgotten).

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