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The writings of this noted 4th Century Christian mystic, scholar, and saint have been collected for the first time on a single CD.

Like all GR.AM.P.S. CD's, this edition provides robust search and annotation features to facilitate scholarship.

The CD also includes an original recording by the Choir of St. Joseph's Abbey.

All royalties from the sale of this CD will go to a Scholarship now being established to further study in the field.

This icon of Gregory of Nyssa was created by an anonymous Russian iconographer in the mid to late 1980's. It was brought to St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA, by a retreatant. Used with permission.

These translations (some with introductions) are by Richard McCambly, a Cistercian monk of St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts. He has published translations of many of Gregory's works, including the Song of Songs Commentary and the Commentary on The Inscriptions of The Psalms, both of which are now available on this CD. Other translations by Bro. McCambly have appeared in scholarly journals.

David A. Salomon is Assistant Professor of English at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, where teaches courses in literature and religion, philosophy, humanities, and composition. He received his PhD in English from the University of Connecticut where the project on Gregory of Nyssa first began. His dissertation, "Examinations of Conscience: Robert Parsons' Christian Directory and Catholic Spirituality in Post-Reformation England, includes study of Gregory of Nyssa as well as of many mystical writers of the English Middle Ages. He is also the list-creator and owner of Mystic-L, an Internet group for the academic discussion of mysticism. He is currently revising his work on Parsons for publication.

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