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Electronic Pursuit

A Non-Trivial Electronics Supplement...
background information that every serious student
or electronics professional
should know about his/her chosen field

Dr.  Ahmad Ibrahim

Naturally, this sample only approximates the full Electronic Book -- that book-on-CD has approximately 65 questions in each of its 14 chapters, fuller graphics (each scren is minimized here to speed loading), and richer features. (Among the features that work more smoothly in the book are the "feedback" pages, which tell you quickly when your answers are correct. Here, you must jump to another screen... while, on CD, the feedback screen pops up instantly.)

Nevertheless, the following exerpts should give you a sense of what you will enjoy in Electronic Pursuit.

Note: This sampler works best if you maximize your browser screen.

Read each question carefully, and then click once on the correct answer:

Chapter 1 -- Dates

Alex G. Bell

Question 2.
In what year did Alexander Graham Bell patent the telephone?
a. 1876 . b. 1926. c. 1846.

Chapter 2 -- People

Question 58.
In 1891, A. B. Strowger applied for a patent on the first automatic telephone exchange;
What was his profession?
Electronic Engineer
Undertaker (Funeral Director) ..
University Professor .

Chapter 3 -- Acronyms

Question 24.
An LCD is a type of...
a. Display
(Liquid Crystal Display) .
b. Diode
(Liquid Crystal Diode)

Chapter 4 -- Quotations

Question 15.
Who said:
"God not only plays dice, He also sometimes throws the dice where they can not be seen"?
Einstein .
b. Stephen W.

Chapter  5 -- New Meanings

Question 8.
A byte is ...
a. eight bits of data . b. 1000 bits of data .

Chapter  6 -- Computers


Question 64.
In 1997, world chess champion Garry Kasparov was defeated by an IBM computer known as...

Red Flag .
Windows '99
Deep Blue

Chapter  7 -- Communications

Question  4.
How many years after the invention of the telephone did Bell propose the photophone?
a. Four . b. Twelve . c. Never .


Chapter 8 -- Devices

Question  4.

What diode can exhibit "negative resistance" characteristics?

a. dynode . b. tunnel diode .


Chapter  9 -- Quantities

Question 19.
If the length of a conductor doubles, the resistivity will...
a. double . b. halve . c. not change .


Chapter  10 -- Concepts

Question 1.
For oscillations to occur, there must be ...
a. a driving force and a feedback . b. a motion and an equal and opposite reaction .


Question 52.
Square wave response of an amplifier shows its behaviour at both ...
a. low and high temperatures . b. low and high frequencies.


Chapter  11 -- Consumer Electronics

Question 35.
When was ignition of fuel by a spark first suggested?
a. 1777 .. b. 1877 c. 1977 .

Question 47.
Where (in 1914) was the first electric traffic light introduced?
a. New York . b. Berlin . c. Cleveland

This concludes this sample from Electronic Pursuit. . .  

The actual Book-on-Disk is self-scoring, so you would know your results instantly.

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